Friday, August 31, 2007

Working together has it's rewards

I wrote a post last week called The Best News a Realtor® could get in this market...... Seeing Survey Flags! it talked about the euphoric feeling I was getting when I saw survey flags in front of one of my listings that was under contract. I was so confident on this deal closing on time that I even was willing to praise the mortgage broker. I contacted him just to introduce myself and see if there was anything I could do for him as well as discuss the transaction. He assured me that everything would close on time and there would be not glitches. I for one was reluctant to believe him for a few reasons. First he said it would close in 2 weeks. Then he said He liked the challenge and out of respect to me he wanted to earn my business. Now most people I know in the mortgage industry will tell you that I am not the easiest Realtor® to work with if the deal is going south but on this particular deal I really felt it would go through...but in 2 weeks? I was very surprised. I don't know about you but have you heard the latest rumor about the South Florida Real Estate market spiraling into obscurity?
Well in the end I stayed positive and it closed on time.
So to my surprise we closed on the deal and everyone was happy. The buyers agent was happy...the buyer was happy...the seller was extremely happy and of course...I was happy. I promised that I would now just like to thank the president of Mortgage Advantage Lending LLC, Seth Keyser for really keeping his word and keeping all of us informed of the entire process that went very smooth. I just met Seth so I do not know a lot about him other than the fact he relocated to Weston Florida and had previously ran a few offices out of the state of Connecticut. He now is located in Weston Florida. The next time I am working with a buyer who is looking for the professional service all consumers deserve.. can bet I will be recommending Seth.I even invited him to join this network. I look forward to working with him again in the near future. Thanks for coming through!
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