Thursday, October 11, 2007

Is it fair in this market to give new Real Estate agents only 60-90 days to produce?

Is it fair in this market to give new Real Estate agents only 60-90 days to produce?
I just wonder what is really right or wrong.
I came across an agent I used to work with who is still working with the company I previously was with for 5 1/2 yrs, but I decided to move onto bigger and better things.
So we were talking about the situation she is in as management has changed quiet a bit and she was telling me agent turnover was so high, that this manager they hired is more a figurehead having another agent act as director of sales when the manager is not present to sign off on documents or approvals, and she was telling me how the manager would hire new agents, give them 60-90 days to produce or terminate them.
Is it really fair to put a new agent under that type of pressure? especially in a market that is drastically changing and is a bit stagnant right now.
Management has claimed to my friend the reasons are they do not care and that they have to keep their numbers up.
The question is how much time is fair?
I am also sure there are some managers out there that tend to differ as they practice the same philosophy and that fine as they are entitled to run their business the way they want if it works for them.
Aren't we taught that goals in Real Estate are usually long term and not a flash in the pan?
Of course there are exceptions, people that come in with deals already in place, but for the typical Realtor®, it takes time to cultivate business ,and in this market, it might take 20 days before you even get a call to show a listing or get a buyer to see property, and shuttle them around until they finally make a decision.
I cannot agree with that , I can understand it from a managers point of view, but i know this manager and this manager really does nothing when it comes to help with difficult transaction, just dumps it on other agents in the office,this manger is a great party planner,but thats about it that... to me is not a manager, just someone in place to lost office stability especially when they preach about training and all this gung ho attitude.
I would love to hear what others think.

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