Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just Keep Showing Your Buyer Homes

As most of my friends in the business know is that I handle most of our listings and our marketing. But anyone in this business will tell you that "you can't just live off of listings"...you also need to work with buyers." There are buyers out there.....You just need to know where to find them.

My partner Steve Kohn is my buyer specialists and everything else we pick and choose who handles what depending on the time and situation we are in. One thing I will tell you about Steve is he is quite busy handling his sons hockey career. Steve is from Canada and when you come from Canada most people are Hockey fans. Steve turned 51 recently and still plays twice a week himself. His dream was to become a professional hockey player just as my dream was to become a professional baseball player. Unfortunately age and injuries have taken over that dream but his son has a great chance to make and he is very busy right now traveling around so he makes sure his son gets in all the practice he need in order to be ready when he reaches his goal to make it to the NHL.

So now let's get back to business. Steve does work hard when he has to and also when I make him...LOL! But the one thing I can depend on him to do is to make sure that any buyer that we get that he takes full advantage of making sure he shows the client anything and everything they want to see. Most of the buyers he brings in are excellent because they are usually referrals. But many times as a buyers agent he has to go through the frustration of showing the buyer many homes before they make a decision. And sometimes he can end up showing so many but they still take time to make the offer we are looking for.

He has vented that to me many times and because I have more years in the business and had worked strictly with buyers when I was selling Real Estate in Florida and in New York ....I can relate. so when he comes to me and is frustrated I give a great piece of advice that I learned from the first broker I worked for. What she told me was you might only have one chance so when you screen your buyers and find out what they are looking for then "just keep showing them homes". Well after the times we went over this he came to me and said I was right. You know why?

I'll tell you why. He just had a client that was referral from a Canadian friend he knows from of all places ...his sons hockey league. He took this couple out to show them 30-40 homes in a 1 week span. they were looking somewhere in the range of $500,000 to $600,000. we placed an offer on a property and we negotiated it together. Well that deal didn't make it after we found out the seller could not come down to our buyers final offer and it was because the seller was going to be up side down in the deal.

He then set up another 10 homes to show them 2 days later and wouldn't you know it...we have an executed contract for a beautiful home in Heron Bay of Coral Springs Florida to close next month... with a purchase price of $617,500 possibly an all cash deal or a very small mortgage and the compensation to us was nice as well. Now that is a good Realtor® doing their job! He gave me the contract so I could do all the additional paperwork and so I could get the rest of the process started. "Hows that for a nice deal towards the end of the year?" Steve came to me and said we were right again..."just keep on showing homes" No one ever said this job was going to be easy. If you want to deal with buyers then you have to work hard and show them as many as you need to to get it done. I bet if you can make the deal happen that you will feel pretty good and forget about how much of a hassle it was for you. Same goes for listings..if you prepare and follow through the task you might be surprised at your results.

Need we say more? Only congratulations to Steve for finding us buyers that most certainly will be very happy in their new home!

If you are interested in Real Estate for sale in Florida ......then we strongly urge you to look at the opportunities available here.

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bryant said...

Way to go Neal!! I like what Lenn Harley says. She talks them into submission. They buy to shut her up:)


Thank you very much for the nice accolade,but it is true,you must keep showing homes if they truly want to buy.It is like being in a Mall,eventually you will walk into a store and make a purchase,because there is so much choice and now you have found something you like,fortunately i am a Realtor and not a personnel shopper!!!!!! Thanks Neal Bloom partner!!!!!

Nealb63 said...

Yeah right...lets knock em dead and then show em what we are made of!

I told you that sometimes I can be nice:)

Indianapolis Real Estate said...

Neal and Steve - Congratulations! Sometimes buyers need more time to make a good decision for themselves. You keep showing them houses until they find their home and they will never forget you or your time - which gives you another referral base out there working for you - Paula

Nealb63 said...

Wow...hi Paula..I haven't seen you.
Thanks for stopping by and the people in this deal seem very nice and cooperative.Steve did a good job.

Midori Miller said...

Neal-Steve is pretty smart and happy he is on your team! It seems you both work very well together. Congrats.. Chalk it up to another satisfied customer