Thursday, October 11, 2007

Solar power is a great alternative

Solar power is a great alternative to gas or electric for heating your pool.
Living in South Florida is a great way to take advantage of Solar power. It can save a pool owner hundreds of dollars a year and add up to as much as 9 months of usage.

Although some might feel for a one time fee of about $3500 you can have solar panels installed so when the sun shines ,your pool temperature will rise to a temperature that will keep your pool warmer in the up coming months. If you live in the warm climate of Florida. We all know that although it can be in the low 70's and you can still enjoy water temps in the 80's during the colder months ahead. I bring this up as my family and I still enjoyed swimming during Thanksgiving, and Christmas time....but we did have to crank up the gas and at that time of year it needs to run 8-10 hours in order to be warm enough to swim be mid day.
With natural gas prices hovering around the same price as liquid or electric as well , we already are feeling the luxury of the FREE BEE for once. The investment is worth it in the long run as solar power does not cost anything to run, just to install.
Saving money and adding value at the same time..... while helping the environment. It's a beneficial way to give back to the many Green Projects.
If you want additional info on this great investment.....please do not hesitate to ask.

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