Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Please take all of your homes off the market for the holidays

It's been a long year and the market has yet to pick up as I was expecting it to. Many homes are sitting and gathering dust and are not getting the activity they had hoped for. There are over 100,000 listings available in between Broward...Dade and Palm Beach counties. I am sure there are other states experiencing the same maybe it is time to sit down and reflect.

I was thinking that if I could get at least 75% of the homeowners to take their homes off the market for ...let's say 3 months then maybe the glut would end and more buyers would be attracted to buying homes without over paying. In past years I was able to sell homes during the holiday season but because of the current trends we are seeing I would suggest trying something different. If buyers are looking for good deals then the time is now.

If sellers are looking to sell quicker then I might suggest taking a break if they can. Many homeowners are probably thinking the same thing but are afraid if they do take the home off the market they might lose a potential prospect. It is only natural for us to think that way.... but if history repeats itself and continues on this path it probably won't matter. So just take a break and refuel.

This would probably help reduce inventory...stabilize prices...lower interest rates and attract more buyers to Florida. Right now there are many great deals out there and I'm wondering why more buyers haven't taken advantage of an excellent situation? So taking your home off the market temporarily probably won't hurt. Most people are busy right now and why not take advantage of some down time by trying to help the cause for everyone. If we can reduce the inventory maybe it would help some homeowners who are not as fortunate and can't wait because of difficult hardships they are experiencing. Properties need to be priced correctly in order for this to work.

We need to find ways to stabilize the market not just for the sellers but for the buyers and for the banks as well. Right now we are probably going to see an additional decrease before it stabilizes. I would compare this to getting the oil in your car. Sometimes it just takes a fresh oil change to keep the engine running smooth. Why not take some time off and see if we can all do something about it.

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