Thursday, December 27, 2007

It might be cold and snowing in Canada but it's sunny and in the 80's in Hollywood Beach FL

It might be cold and snowing in Canada but it's sunny and in the 80's in Hollywood Beach FL.

Ahh..... the beautiful white sands off the boardwalk over in Hollywood Beach FL. There is nothing better then to go down to the local beaches in Hollywood FL and look out into the beautiful blue waters from your own backyard. Well... this could be you if you are interested in some of the best condominiums with the best views available right here in Hollywood Beach FL.

There are many opportunities to buy the right home. Whether if you are looking to find your new permanent place of residence or just looking for a second home or even a place to keep just for this time of year and use it as your vacation home...then there is nothing better than to get away from all that snow and ice and the numb feeling you get at this time a year just to celebrate the holidays on the warm white sands of South Florida.

I have been able to take advantage of spending more time by the beach. This is because many Canadians are flocking to Hollywood Beach FL so they can take advantage of the beautiful weather we are experiencing. Normally I do not have much time to come down and enjoy the sites but I have been working really hard with a young couple from Toronto Canada so why not take advantage of my own time by hanging on the beach a little and catch some of those rejuvenating sun rays and listen to the surf.

I might even go across the street and watch some of the most magnificent boats you have ever seen traveling down our inter coastal waterways. They have been here for four weeks and will soon be traveling back to Canada.

Their goal is to come back with a signed contract and their new vacation home. They have a limited budget and we have seen many condominiums that have are great opportunities available to them. although they are limited on what they can afford...they also have some special needs. I will continue to kick it up a notch and work with them until they leave. If I am not successful on this trip.... then at least they have learned the area and will continue to let me search for the right home for them.

Come visit the beaches of Hollywood FL today.

You will be glad you looked at all the opportunities available.

If you are interested in moving to our area ......then we strongly urge you to visit Downtown Hollywood FL- you can also preview condos for sale here.

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mark said...

Great article on the real estate happenings, I really enjoy reading your posts. Just for your information, Donald Trump is in big trouble right now with his real estate empire. I hope everyone can pull through this slump!!


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Nealb63 said...

Thanks for stopping by Mark and thanks for your interest. Hopefull we will see a better 2008