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Consumers should know that Realtors® are consumers just like them

Consumers should know that Realtors® are consumers just like them.

Selling Real Estate over the last 12 years has been a full time job. Most of the time it seems that I do a lot more for what I deserve to get paid but hey....that's just me. I always seem to have to go the "extra mile"when it comes to giving my clients the best service they can get. I wrote a blog a while ago called I am the slimiest Realtor®. This post is a prime example of going the extra mile.

When there are issues and I have to explain them to my clients the first thing I tell them is not to panic. Let's figure out exactly how to tackle the problem and cut out the disease before it spreads.

Sometimes I don't always get full cooperation from the other parties involved in the transaction. You see...most of my business is from the listing side. I technically represent the sellers but also do my best to be helpful and fair to the buyers side as well. Let's face matter how you look at job is to get us all to the closing table and make sure the transaction closes as smoothly as possible.

I have been working more and more with buyers and we are now seeing issues on the sellers end more and more with all the foreclosures...short sales.... clear title issues and probates. Those deals take a bit more time and patience to complete...but as long as we disclose all of this to both parties then it makes them understand what is going to be happening during the process.

But sometimes when there are issues the consumer doesn't always understand why it is happening and what is happening. This is where I may have to step into a situation that has a lot of egos involved as well as a lot of testosterone that can make it emotional as well.

I try to explain to the clients that although I am a Realtor® and I still have my own problems just like them. They always say "Neal I'm sure you will do what you have to to make sure we can get this done by using all of your powers as a Realtor® to expedite it."
Wow!...I'm glad and happy to be complimented that way....but let's face it....when I am involved in my own personal Real Estate transactions things can still go wrong and I might make mistakes and have similar issues. Thank god i haven't... but you never know and just because I am more experienced then them still doesn't mean I can solve every issue.

I'm not sure if they just think that because I am a Realtor® that I have some super powers of persuasion but that's the way it seems sometimes and I've been lucky enough to be able to have pulled off a few that I thought were in question in getting done.
As your Realtor® I need to let my clients know that I have more than just a financial interest in working with them and that I will do everything humanly possible to take the stress off of them and make it to a successful transaction.

Even though it is the end of this transaction it doesn't mean it is the end of my relationship with consumers because I might meet up with them again through referrals. My clients appreciate how I am able to understand whats happening around them and the issues they might face and thats why I will receive further business in the future because they know that I am just like them.

It makes sense to find a good Realtor® makes sense to call me so I can fully service you for all your Real Estate needs.

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