Saturday, March 22, 2008

Showing people homes at any cost in South Florida

For the last few weeks I have actually been out in the field showing people many homes in South Florida. Normally I'm the listing agent. But I have a few clients right now that want to buy..... so why not take advantage of a good thing and sell them something. Now don't get me wrong....I like showing people homes but I normally have my partner handle the buyers.

You would think the title to this was going to be about a natural disaster or something.....nope it's about a body part.

For the last few weeks my right foot has been bothering me.I think I did it in the gym or shooting baskets or maybe it was when I was cutting my lawn. I figured it was just a sprain but over the last few days I have had to resort to taking a few too many aspirins and a few leftovers of medicine from my last toothache. Our good friend is a podiatrist and she has asked me to come see her but I don't want no one touching my foot:)!

Seriously ...I think I have a stress fracture in my foot and she agrees that it could be that too. But I never said anything while I was showing all those properties over the last two days. Right now I'm sitting in a hot foot bath.

Yep......I'll be limping into her office next week.

I can't believe I had that much stamina.
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