Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blame Your Realtor®....who else can you Blame?

Blame Your Realtor®....who else can you Blame?
When the buyer gets a loan approval and then can't close because their loan program is no longer available.....blame your Realtor®
When the mortgage broker lies to your buyer and the loan falls through at the last minute...blame your Realtor®
When the appraisal comes in lower than the agreed purchase price....blame your Realtor®
When the buyer complains that you only showed them 100 homes and they still don't buy anything....blame your Realtor®
When the buyer closes on their new home and they find out that they paid the highest price in the neighborhood...blame your Realtor®
When the seller finds out that they sold their home for the lowest price...blame your Realtor®
When your home is messy...dirty and cluttered and they refuse to clean it up or pay for staging....blame your Realtor®
When your home is in need of major repairs but you refuse to make any of them....blame your Realtor®
When the inspector says you have $5,000 in repairs to make...blame your Realtor®
When you list your home too high and it has to be reduced 50 times and it still doesn't sell...blame your Realtor®
When your Realtor® spends all their time advertising and getting you all the exposure you ask for and busts their butt trying so hard to sell your home....blame your Realtor®
When 6 months go by and nobody calls to see your home...blame your Realtor®
When the title company finds a cloud on your title and you can't close...blame your Realtor®
When you buy a property with no money down and expect to sell it the next day and you have to go into foreclosure...blame your Realtor®
When the Real Estate market sucks...blame your Realtor®
When the market is great...blame your Realtor®
When your home doesn't sell...blame your Realtor®
When your car doesn't start in the morning and you're late to work...blame your Realtor®
When you have an argument with your spouse and you get divorced...blame your Realtor®
When you lose all your money in Vegas...blame your Realtor®
When you wake up with a hangover from drinking too much...blame your Realtor®
When you get electrocuted because you didn't turn the power off before you attached two wires together on your new ceiling fan...blame your Realtor®
When you order a $30 cowboy steak in an Italian restaurant and it's all fat....blame your Realtor®
When you wake up in the morning expecting it to be sunny and it's pouring out...blame your Realtor®
When you wake up and find one of those big red suckers(pimple) on your face...blame your Realtor®
Think about how many times you've blamed your Realtor® for something that was totally out of their control.

Who else can you blame.....your Realtor® of course!

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