Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another Successful Real Estate Closing-The Search is Over!

I met Sandra and her late husband back in 1999. We both lived in a brand new neighborhood located in Towngate of Pembroke Pines FL. It was just recently built and we met at one of the very first homeowners meetings we ever had. A few years after I met them her husband Steve was diagnosed with cancer. Steve passed away from cancer a few years ago....he was 49.

During that difficult time I had lost touch with them other than the board sending something to them. I didn't want to bother them and so we moved on.

Back in early 2007 I noticed that Sandra had put her home on the market with another agent. She knew that I was a Realtor® when we met so I was a bit surprised that she didn't call me. I would occasionally drive by her home and see if the sign was still there. I checked the MLS and noticed it was under contract since July of 2007. Eventually I forgot about it and figured it sold and that was that.

Then one Sunday night around 9:30pm I was watching TV and my cell phone went off and the voice on the other end of the line said "Hi Neal this is Sandra S.....I'm sorry to bother you on a Sunday night but do you have a moment to talk?"

I was confused for a moment and said how can I help you? She said "You remember me don't you?" I was your neighbor in Towngate." 'You don't understand....I've been searching for you for 3 weeks" I typed in Realtors® in Towngate and you came up and that was it!" She found my Activerain blog.

Then it all came back to me and I told her now I remember and we started talking about the past. I asked her what happened to her home and she said that the agent was referred to her because she bought another home in GA and was selling her home. She tried to find me but after she moved and left the FL home she lost all of my information I used to send her every two months. Her family told her not to wait and to just hire another agent... but she refused. Apparently she told me that the other agent never would call her and ended up misrepresenting her. So she fired the agent and then hired me.

The last time the home was on the market it was at $389,000....since the market hasn't been at it's best...we listed it at $279,000 and it sold for $270,000. That's what it was worth. The buyers came in with 40% down. This property went pending in 18 days and we had 2 other offers that came in but there can only be one winner and we closed on Friday and on time....Sandra did well.

This was an amazing thing that happend to me.

I just want to thank Sandra for giving me the opportunity and for having faith in me as your Realtor®.

Client and friend!

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http://foreclosuredoctoronline.com said...

Great Post. I enjoy reading stories like this. What a great feeling to know that you have made such a dynamic impact on someone's life. It is always rewarding to know that there are people out there who render such a tremendous service.

Peter Baptiste

Nealb63 said...

thanks Peter