Monday, June 30, 2008

Ryan Church...The New York Mets newest stud

Ryan Church...The New York Mets newest stud
I've always loved baseball. I played it and dreamed to be in the major leagues one day. What young boy wouldn't? But it didn't happen due to some injuries as well as too many late nighters.
I like the New York Yankees...they are my main team but I also like the New York Mets as well.
I have a rotisserie team online but only for fun and when I have time....I'll track them like I'm acting as the GM. Now the Mets aren't doing well but I do see a few studs that are going to really or have already become all star players. Ryan Church came to the Mets during the off season.
He played fairly well in spring training but I never actually heard of him. He never really played a full season and he has been out for a while with a concussion. I think he really could be the next star if they can get him into at least 150 games.
I thought the same about David Wright and he's the Mets best player.

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