Monday, September 17, 2007

My Exclusive phone interview with the star of A&E's Flip this house-San Antonio

Neal The Real Deal Bloom with his exclusive phone interview with the star of A&E's Flip this House-San Antonio

In case some of you might not know it but I have a few partners and we have acquired property for investment reasons. We either or hold the Real Estate we acquire. Lately I have been very intrigued about some the these shows on television about flipping property. Now ......I understand that most of the country is fighting a market that we have not seen in a long time.

About a year ago I started to watch A&E's Flip this House-San Antonio. I wanted to see what other ideas I could pick up and also see how real these shows were. While I was out of town I had some down time and decided to go onto my computer and read up a little about how these guys actually are able to be so successful at flipping property.

First thing I did was go to A&E on-line and it directed me to the stars business website so I sent him an email. I told him I am part of a Real Estate network that covers the entire U.S and I asked him if he would be interested in having me conduct an interview with him I asked him if we would just do it via email ..sending him the questions and was going to produce the transcript on my post. Two weeks went by and he emailed me back saying he would and that I could send him the questions ..which I did. Another week went by and my phone rang and it was Armando Montelongo calling me to ask me if I would be able to do the interview over the phone instead of through email. I was so flattered of course I said yes and we set up a time to do the interview.

Just so you understand.. ...this was my first interview with anyone and I was a bit nervous and wanted to make sure it came out alright so when you listen to this please cut me a little slack.....Walter Cronkite I'm not.... I just a good Realtor® that knows how to blog a bit.

Please understand that this interview was a bit complex to make work correctly and the actual uncut version lasted about 50 minutes. The interview was laid out in 3 different segments and this way you can listen to it at your leisure. To me it was a very interesting interview. The first half basically talks about how he started with nothing and was able to get to where he is today and he even told me a few of his secrets on how he is so successful now and how his life as changed over the last few years. The second half we talked about the show and how he has become a popular reality TV star and a very knowledgeable businessman.

So I thought it would be a treat if I was able to actually hear about it right from the source. He is the president of Armando Montelongo Companies and the star of "A&E's Flip this House San Antonio" My telephone guest himself...please let me introduce my friend Armando Montelongo.
So I hope anyone that is interested will take the time to listen to my interview with Armando Montelongo. You might learn a thing or two about how to successfully flip homes.

Don't miss this exclusive interview.....Please listen to the three segments below.

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Midori Miller said...

Neal-Congrats...That was definitely an impressive interview.