Thursday, September 20, 2007

Excuses...Excuses...Excuses...Attention Dade County Realtors®...if you want to show listings in Broward County then you might want to invest in a Supr

I wrote a post a while back called SERVICE YOUR LISTING.... SHOW YOUR FACE! and from the mixed responses I recieved I am wondering if I need to change my outlook on access to our listings.
Now this is not about anyone in particular is just about true experiences I have had in the Real Estate Market.
I just do not get it. There are over 78,000 listings on the market between Broward and Dade counties. Over 35,000 just in Broward alone. I have quite a few listings that I would most certainly like to sell. I even have 4 more I need to enter I am sure there are many Realtors® that would love to sell them for me....but the major problem I see more often than not is that most Dade county Realtors do not have access to a Supra key to access the electronic lock boxes we supply to make our listings more accessible to show. I can't tell you how many calls I am getting to show my listings...yet when I tell them the property is vacant and ready to show on electronic lock box I get the same excuses. "Oh....I do not have a supra key" OR "My broker gave theirs out to another agent and they have not returned it" OR "Mine is broken." OR "I did not get mine yet OR our board does not support supra." Then after all this they want me to come running over so I can open the door...then I make a trip to open and the agent simply does not show up or even call back to cancel. You would think that agents in this market would be begging to show any listing so they can sell someone a home...but NO. It is not only annoying's just plain rude! After wasting my time I decided to tell any agent that is in that situation to just call me when they are 20 minutes away or they won't be seeing me in front of the home waiting for them. Hey...when I have to show a home in your can bet I'll find a way to get into the property and not solely rely on the listing agent to get me access. Maybe I should have them call my friend Broker Bryant so they can borrow his offer destroyer...I'm sure that will help them open those lock boxes without a delay.
Get a life and get a Kim key! Don't worry...Supra Products will be more than happy to take your money. It really will make many homeowners think about why we expose their properties on Dades MLS but what is the sense if every-time we are given the same excuse. I want to sell my listings not field these types of wasted calls.My advice to those agents is that they better invest in the keypad or they will have lots of problems if they want to show their buyers properties. Or you can..."TELL YOUR BROKER TO INVEST IN SOME KEYPADS!" Do you think a Doctor will tell a patient in the operating room that they can't operate because they need their chief surgeon's scalpel? I think not!
I am sure that if your buyer asks you why you cannot show them one of their selected homes...they might just look for another Realtor®. You should do your job and do it like a professional.

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