Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Funny thing happend to me while showing property,Caught in the act!

Funny thing happened to me the other day selling real estate.
Made an appointment to show a friend of mine a few townhouses.
I showed a few and then we get to the next one. There is a lock box and I was told just go in. I still knock out of courtesy.

I knock at least 5 times nice and hard and even ring the bell.
There is no answer so we use the lock box and walk in and all the lights are off....the blinds are closed and I yell "HELLO,ANYONE HOME, REALTOR HERE!!" no answer. So it is safe to show but I just wanted to make sure no one was sleeping or not dressed. So now we start going around down stairs and all of a sudden we start hearing noise....some sort of movement and even muffled banging. You know what I am getting at?

We yell again, "WE ARE COMING UP STAIRS NOW" Finally we get to the top and there is a door that is closed and so... I knock once again....now someone says, "JUST A MINUTE" the door opens and it is a women and a man. They must have been early 20's they looked like they were half dressed and just did the the big bop and the room smelled like they were smoking something other than cigarettes!

I continued to show the house like nothing happened and I thanked them and they thanked me. We said goodbye and good luck.

Maybe it is just happening here in Florida.
And no.....I didn't inhale! nor have sexual relations with that women Ms.-------------!


Midori Miller said...

Neal-very funny story. We realtors see some interesting things.

Nealb63 said...

I figured you would like that type of story:)