Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Realtor® who woke up from a dream that came true

As a Realtor® I try to keep up with whats going on in my market place. I'm always willing to keep the public informed. But I keep reading about how bad our market is and how long it is taking for homes to sell.

I'm primarily a listing agent and listings are pretty easy to get nowadays. I have been getting calls on a weekly basis. Sellers want to hear what I think their homes is worth and if they like what I have to offer they eventually will hire me. But in this market you can not just live on listings alone...you need buyers and there aren't many of those out there. I wrote a post a few months ago THE EASIEST REAL ESTATE DEAL WE EVER CLOSED. I didn't think we could ever top that one ....but I think we just did.

"So where do you find the buyers?" Well we have been lucky enough to find them through our referral network. It consists of knowing the right people in the right places. Two weeks ago we took out one of those referral clients out and showed them property for 2 weeks. Well...because of our constant persistence we found them their dream home. Its a 5BR 4BTH 3800 sq ft home in Coral Springs. I cannot disclose the purchase price until we close but it was listed for $644,800 The home is vacant now and has been up for sale as a corporate relocation deal.

It was relatively an easy sale. There is no financing and the buyers knew exactly what they wanted and where they wanted to be. Originally the buyer was going to finance about $150,000 but because they were annoyed that the lender was asking them for all these documents they decided it was too much of a hassle. They decided to pay cash and wire all the money into the title companies account. "Too much of a hassle...How good is that?" We referred them to an attorney we work with on many of our deals and it turns out that she just completed 3 relos with the same attorney on the sellers side which helped us expedite the closing.

Happy buyers and happy sellers! We are closing next Wednesday. Now I'm all for the positives but this was just too easy. I went to sleep thinking....with all the negative media reports about our housing market.....this could only be a dream and the next day I'll wake up and it wouldn't be true.
I was thankfully wrong...it was true!

If you want to live the ultimate dream ......then we strongly urge you to give me a call. The Realtor® with the positive outlook.

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