Friday, November 2, 2007

Linda Stein- New York Realtor® to the stars.... murdered.

Realtor® Linda Stein of New York was apparently murdered in here upscale 5th Avenue penthouse apartment in Manhattan.

When I was selling Real Estate in NY..... I remember hearing about her and wondered how she was able to cultivate so much business and how she was able to become a very successful Realtor®.

From what I read about her she actually started as manager of the Ramones. She had married and divorced music mogul Seymour Stein of Sire records. Soon after she got her Real Estate license. She was friends with many celebrities such as Madonna, Sting, Billy Joel, Christie Brinkley, Bruce Willis, Jann Wenner, Michael Douglas, Steven Spielberg, and Elton John.

She was known to have raised millions of dollars for breast cancer. The results of the autopsy were released and determined that she died from blows to the head and neck. There will be an ongoing investigation as to the motive of her murder. The building she lived in was highly secured. Police are still questioning people as well as looking at security cameras to see who was in and out of the building on the day of the murder. You can read the story more in detail at the Daily News website.

Let us pray for her family during this terrible time.

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