Monday, November 5, 2007

Oh Canada!...Canadians are buying Real Estate For Sale In South Florida

With such an inflated amount of Real Estate for sale in South Florida...."it is an excellent time buy a home." Prices have come down quite a bit over the last 2 years and inventory levels have reached all time highs.

Tourist season is now approaching and it is a good time to think about the benefits of buying a home in Florida. So spread your wings and fly south for the winter!

But there was one thing we discovered. Although there are not many buyers looking to purchase homes right now...we have been lucky enough to have closed a few deals this year from our Canadian clientele. We want hank you for all of your support!

Our Canadian connections have not only benefited our business but it has helped our clients get an even better exchange rate on the money that they have invested in Real Estate in South Florida. All of our clients decided not to finance any of the properties we sold to them. They paid cash for them.

Our clients have been watching the dollar and they've noticed that it has been becoming strong so they all decided "it is a good time to invest in South Florida Real Estate."

For example.....A condo we sold 2 BR 2 BTH condo about 1200 SQ. FT. corner unit at Century village in Deerfield Beach Florida was listed at 149,000 we ended up making the deal at $120,000 after we closed on the deal our buyer was even more ecstatic when she found out that her $120,000 US dollars was actually $112,000 Canadian. Since then she has sent us 4 clients who each purchased condos in the same community. All have closed in less than 30 days.

Last week we just sold a home in Coral Springs Florida. It was a 5 BR 4BTH about 3800 SQ. FT. single family home that was listed at $644,000 and we were able to negotiate a deal for $617,500. The buyer also purchased it for cash and closed in 3 weeks. He also was aware that the dollar was very strong and the exchange rate has hit close to a historic high considering the past being fairly low. By the end our results were 6 closed sales....3 rentals,two of which turned into eventual sales....2 new listings.

Do not wait..."now is the best time to buy your second home in South Florida." It hasn't been this attractive for over 40 years and with the recent slump in prices it may never be a better time to buy. Prices have dropped between 20% and 50% and every seller is awaiting ANY hurry this may not last!!!

We will also soon have additional information in La Presse.

It's a great time to buy the home that you've been looking for. Come visit the area so you can see all of the South FL Real Estate for sale.

You will be glad you looked at all the opportunities available.

If you are interested in moving to our area ......then we strongly urge you to look at homes for sale in South FL-they are available here.

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Diane Aurit said...

This is fascinating information. Clearly South Florida is a great place to buy, from anywhere in the world. It makes sense that Canadians would also like to escape to warm weather and beautiful beaches.

Nealb63 said...

Hi Diane,
Thanks for stopping by my blog.I did like yours a lot as well.