Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Blog was picked up on Reuters

Has anyone ever heard of Blogburst? It's another place for your blogs to possibly get picked up by some of the world's most popular media sites such as Reuters....Fox News and Biospace...just to name a few. According to Blogburst you have to submit your blog and if they like it then they send you an invitation to join. Basically all your blogs are automatically placed on their feed.

I saw a few members that had it and so I joined and was officially invited. I'm not even sure I'm using it to it's full capability and I really have not logged in there much lately until this morning. I figured that I would go in and see if by chance anyone was reading my material. I went in just to see if there was any activity and low and behold one of my blogs was showing that it was viewed a few times and then I decided to click and see what else I could find out.

I had written a post back in October for Blog Action Day called Weston Florida homes go Green with Solar Pool Heating and I noticed a link to Reuters and when I open it blog was syndicated on their page.."how cool is that?" Now I have no idea what this means but it was interesting to see a high profile news website with my blog on it.

I was pretty happy about it. It goes to show you that if post in different places and add more and more feeds to your seems to stimulate and drive more traffic to your websites and the extra exposure doesn't hurt either.

Please click here>>> Reuters link


david santos said...

Thanks for posting, very good, anda have a good day

Nealb63 said...

Thanks David