Saturday, September 29, 2007

Weston Real Estate Agent-Neal Bloom-Weston Florida

Weston Real Estate Agent-Neal Bloom-Weston Florida.
Homes for sale in Weston Florida
848 homes for sale in Weston Florida - prices range from $139,999 for a 2BR 1BTH --$13,900,000 for a 12BR 12 BTH
73 homes are under contract in Weston-prices range from $319,000 for a 3BR 2BTH---$2,795,000 for a 6BR 6.5 BTH.
503 homes have been sold in Weston-January 2007-September 2007- prices range from $265,000 for a 2BR 2BTH-$3,700,000 for a 6BR 7.5 BTH.

I wear that name on my sleeve every morning when I wake up to a beautiful sunny day in Weston Florida. It's from my first cup of java in the morning until I close shop sometime in the evening. Being a Realtor® has it's challenges. I work when I have to. I enjoy myself whenever it is possible because I believe you only live once so why not enjoy myself with my family and friends after a hard day in the field helping get my clients through the process. It takes a lot of time...patience and stamina to keep up with the day in and day out race to the finish line. So if you are looking for a Real Estate Agent who has these traits....look no further than to me. Neal The Real Deal Bloom. The Realtor® who "tells it like it is" and will provide you with the superior service you deserve. There are many homes for sale in Weston Florida. It's a great time to buy so why not take advantage of a good opportunity.
Photo is courtesy of the city of Weston Florida
If you are interested in moving to any of these area's ......then we strongly urge you to look at the Real Estate opportunities available here. Please call to make an appointment with your buyers agent today!
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